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Minds-in-MotionTM is a Unique Approach to Learning

We have developed a revolutionary way to accelerate a child’s potential for academic, athletic, and social success.

Our research-validated program is designed to stimulate a child’s VISUAL processing, AUDITORY processing, as well as their MOTOR skills. The outcome is a better integrated and balanced child who will perform better in school and at home.

Minds-in-MotionTM can Benefit Any Child

Help for StudentsOur research has shown that our program can benefit any child.

It doesn’t matter if your child has attention problems, is not able to focus well, is hyperactive, has anxiety issues, or is uncoordinated.


Minds-in-MotionTM can make lasting improvements in your child.

Our Louisville Center concentrates on children 3 to 18 years old.

Life is different. What impact does that have on brain development?

Help for StudentsKEY POINT: Our life experiences provide stimulation to the brain. Our children’s brains are not getting the same brain stimulation as in past generations.

The Minds-in-Motion program can help because we understand the causal relationship between balance and performance.

Learning is a function of the whole nervous system. Children have difficulty learning if all of the sensory systems are not helping them to process what is on the page and in their environment.

The more fine-tuned the sensory and motor systems – the more one can learn and the easier it is to learn.

Poor integration and inefficient coordination between the brain’s systems can be IMPROVED through exercises and activities developed by Minds-in-MotionTM.

The Scientific Foundation for Our Program

Scientists are now using balance as the central component to address sensory integration disorders that cause learning problems – such as ADHD, auditory processing, speech problems, visual processing problems, etc.

visual sensory processingMinds-in-MotionTM is a unique program developed by a reading specialist using clinical data and a machine created for the astronauts by NASA.

The Minds-in-MotionTM program has helped countless children with attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, Sensory Processing Disorder, central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), plus children with behavioral issues get better.

As the sensory and motor functions of the brain and body integrate to a higher level, then the academic, athletic, and social behaviors of children increase to a much higher level.

Minds-in-MotionTM has discovered this is scientifically provable by measuring the visual, auditory and motor processing ability and function in children.

Would you like to learn more?


We begin with an initial assessment with concrete measurements and testing to accurately evaluate where your child is today and allows us to specifically design a program that will have the most positive impact for your child.

Attending a Parent Information Session is also a great way to tour our facility, meet our staff and learn first hand about the power of our program.

Minds in Motion, Get help for your childWe are here to make a difference in the life of your child. If you have specific questions, please contact us!

502-384-3866  Louisville, KY Center

Our information is powerful – we also encourage you to complete the online form located on this page.




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