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Adult Program

Minds-in-Motion Adult Program

Minds-In-Motion has created a specialized program for adults, which strengthens and revitalizes cognitive performance across generations.

See a testimonial from one of our Adult Program Participants who is seeing the changes before her eyes:

Minds-in-Motion provides specially designed protocols to rejuvenate the brain and body to maximize:

  • Attention
  • Focus
  • Auditory Skills
  • Visual Focus
  • Brain Processing Speed
  • Attention Span
  • Core Strength
  • Motor Planning
  • Balance
  • Stamina


Through advanced neuroscience and technology, Minds-In-Motion simply improves the brain’s ability to perform.

Minds-In-Motion’s Adult Program targets the inner ear, specifically the vestibular system of the brain. This area of the brain is responsible for far more than acting as the balance center or gyroscope of the brain – as vital cranial nerves also are activated by this inner ear system.

By rejuvenating targeted areas of the brain, we prime your cognitive ability to receive and process vital sensory information more efficiently.

Our specialized training is like aerobics for your mind and body!
By increasing balance, core strength and motor planning, you can also increase your visual and auditory processing skills.

The program is comprised of 4 concentrations.
Balance Training, Core Strength Development, Auditory Therapy, & Vestibular Circuit Training

Each specialized segment is designed to increase the functioning of the inner ear and specific cranial nerves. The outcome of this program is increased brain processing speeds, attention span, and stamina.

Adult Program1- Balance Training

  • Develop full body coordination and postural awareness
  • Expands visual focus and attention span
  • Activates both hemispheres of the brain

2- Core Strength Development

  • Develops core muscles
  • Refines gross motor skills
  • Increase motor planning abilities

3- Auditory Therapy

  • Experience the benefits of electronically modified music
  • Naturally trigger the areas of the brain involved in regulating body functions, relating to others, and organizing behavior
  • Stimulate self-organizing capacities of the nervous system
  • Intensify and improve the brain’s ability to focus, cope with anxiety, and regulate energy levels

4- Vestibular Circuit Training

  • Promote sensory/motor integration through complex movements
  • POWER PLATETM: Stimulate sense of balance, muscle tone, bone density – all while increasing HGH Human Growth Hormone and reducing cortisol levels in the brain
  • NEUROCOMTM THERAPY: Increase motor planning abilities, as well as balance and postural abilities

Minds-In-Motion’s specialized program for adults allows you to benefit from specialized brain technologies and neuroscience. Our truly unique program will strengthen and revitalize your cognitive performance and more!

Would you like to learn more?

We begin with an initial assessment with concrete measurements and testing to accurately evaluate your cognitive strengths today. This process allows us to specifically design a program that will have the most positive impact for you.

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