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Educator Testimonials

Get a Look at Minds-in-Motion Through a Parent’s Eyes

Carmel Center Director

Corey Emberton
Carmel Director

My son, Elijah (age 4) attends the Minds-in-Motion Carmel center.  I asked to sit in on a session, and Carmel’s Director, Corey, willingly agreed.

As an educator, I often feel we never get enough praise and it seems parents are often looking for ways we’ve gone wrong. I’m speaking as both a parent and an educator when I say that I was very impressed with Corey during this session.

I know how difficult it can be to teach and hold students to a high expectation while parents are sitting in the room watching every move. This did not deter Corey from expecting Elijah to perform his activities correctly, and he even asked Elijah to repeat the activities that he did incorrectly.

Corey was patient and encouraging, frequently modeling for Elijah the movements that he didn’t do correctly the first time.

This was huge for me as a parent to watch because I know how frustrating Elijah can be when he decides to be silly, which he was doing to show off for me.

I did eventually step out of the room to help Corey continue the session, but did listen from the next room. Corey continued to work with Elijah in exactly the same way as when I was actively present.

I wasn’t sure how this program would work for Elijah since he is only 4 and often has difficulty following directions. After this session, I am confident that not only will he be ok, he will be pushed to do his very best!

Thank you for providing this service for our children. I am excited to attend the teacher workshop in a few weeks, too, and will be registering soon.

Sarah Watson
Kindergarten Teacher
Shenandoah Elementary


Mom Reflects on Minds-in-Motion’s Positive Impact for High School Son

A Mother in Northern Indiana Sees the Benefits of Minds-in-Motion for Her High-School Son

Minds in motion can benefit high school studentsOne exciting thing I have really noticed over the last few weeks is how in tune he is with our conversations.

Often in the past he would just pop in the middle of our conversations with questions and statements not relevant to what we are talking about – just whatever he is thinking about.

He has always been “in his own world” and not joining in. In the last few weeks he has been interjecting comments and asking questions about what we are talking about. It’s like he is trying to follow along.

Seems like he is hearing more and wanting to know more of what we are saying. He is still struggling with following the whole conversation….but is asking very relevant questions and making relevant statements.

 One other thing, his peer tutor at school told me the following:
“Thought I would tell you how this class is going!

He is doing so well! Yesterday we cooked pancakes and he said ‘Sue, can you go sit down and not help me today? I’m not trying to be mean; I just want to try to work with my group today.’

So I sat down and watched him, and he poured the batter on the griddle and flipped the pancakes! He did so well!”

I think this shows he is becoming in tune to others’ feelings. He wanted to tell her he needed his independence, but did not want to hurt her feelings.

Just thought of something else!
He is doing so much better working independently on his homework. He can sit for extended times now working.

One day I went to town for a few hours and told him to work on his history homework and he worked the whole time I was gone without any help from his Dad.

I still have to help with studying for tests and more difficult assignments, but his confidence level has increased and his ability to work for longer periods of time. Makes homework so much more pleasurable for all!

Great New Video Highlighting Minds-in-Motion Thanks to the United Way

United Way Video About Minds in MotionPlease check out this video!

The awesome folks of the United Way of Elkhart IN demonstrate the impact of our program!

It warms & energizes our hearts as we take off on a new year of training educators, parents & working hands-on with wonderful students needing a boost to reach their potential!

Here’s a little background:
This past Fall, Darren Bickel helped to develop a video to showcase how the United Way of Elkhart is helping to change lives through the Minds-in-Motion activities.

Teachers, students, parents, and superintendents were interviewed to help explain just how Minds-in-Motion has impacted their lives.

The United Way Partnership Started 5 Years Ago!
Five years ago, Candace Meyer, founder of Minds-in-Motion, was invited to Elkhart, IN, close to Notre Dame University, to train early childhood teachers in Minds-in-Motion protocols.

After several schools began showing documented improvements in their students throughout the school year – the Minds-in-Motion school program took off!

According to Darren Bickel, Vice President of Community Investment for the United Way of Elkhart County, it was clear that Minds-in-Motion was making valuable changes in students’ lives. As a result, the United Way was motivated to get the program in more schools.

Competitive grants of $1000 were donated by the United Way to encourage more schools – plus more training opportunities with Minds-in-Motion were coordinated by the United Way.

At this time, over 52 area schools, including pre-schools, middle schools, and even community centers, are now participating in Minds-in-Motion exercises daily in Elkhart County. It seems to be the Minds-in-Motion capital of the world!

We are so excited about this video!

Minds-In-Motion in the News – WDRB Louisville

Minds-In-Motion is Grateful to be Highlighted in a WDRB Louisville Fox News Feature

Minds-in-Motion in the NewsWe are helping to beat ADHD and training children’s brains across Indiana, Kentucky, and soon China.

Thank you to WDRB Louisville for this interview & highlighting the impact our staff is making in the lives of so many children.

CLICK HERE  to review the original news story.

NOTE: If video does not auto-load below, please CLICK HERE to see the WDRB News Story.


WDRB 41 Louisville News

Evansville Schools Enjoy Benefits of MiM Maze!

Minds in Motion Maze, Evans School Evansville indianaThe Minds-in-Motion staff is overjoyed to learn of the successful adoption of the Minds-in-Motion Maze by the Evansville, Indiana public school system.

In addition, they have also incorporated additional movement curriculum ideas in their classrooms.

Amy Maxheimer, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, has also provided us with exciting endeavors the schools are incorporating:

  • Teachers are having students sit on rotation boards or a rocking boards while silent reading
  • Several classrooms are sitting on therapy balls during class
  • Classrooms are utilizing a bag of “fidgets” and bands to use in the halls during transitions
  • Older students are also getting to participate as we begin to incorporate MIM ideas for the older classes during their reading time

Amy and the staff are excited to share this video of kindergarteners just learning the Maze.

  • Amy acknowledges (in this video) they had not yet mastered the “cross-walk” – instead, they begin the children off with a “high-march.”
  • Amy also shared they added a back-bend over a bolster that was not filmed.


Amy Maxheimer also provided us with this additional feedback:

It is so exciting to work with a principal (at Evans School) who is so invested in this endeavor. I am diligently getting Minds-in-Motion to most of the schools in the EVSC (Evansville).

We are thrilled to put the video on the website and share it with other teachers.

People are calling me the “Minds-in-Motion” lady and I am PROUD of it. Getting this program out into the schools has cut down on our Occupational Therapy referrals!

Thanks for all your work and enthusiasm, it inspires me!

Amy Maxheimer
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Evansville Vanderburgh County School System


Amazing Perspective from an Occupational Therapist and Mom

From Kalen M. Morgan,
Occupational Therapist, Register/Licensed
Louisville, Kentucky

Occupational Therapist TestimonialIn addition to being a Mom, Kalen has a unique perspective. She holds a Masters of Health Science degree.

Kalen is also a Registered, Licensed Occupational Therapist, as well as a Certified Hand Therapist.  She and her family live in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kalen was kind enough to provide Minds-in-Motion with the following feedback:

Here is a list of all of the changes that I observed in our daughter, “T”, pre/post the Minds-in-Motion program this summer.

We are so grateful for the changes that we have seen in “T” since beginning the program in June. She wakes up every morning now and does a MIM session for 10 minutes.

We change her routine every 2-3 weeks. We do all sorts of things (wall handstands, jump and spins, trampoline, jumping jacks, eye tracking, floor rolls, etc, etc, etc). We have a spreadsheet that I make every couple of weeks and she wakes up and completes her routine before school each day.

She is doing so well this year in 4th grade, and I can tell you how much this has changed her perception of herself and her self-confidence.

Here is the list of changes:

  • No longer smacks herself
  • No longer chews on everything (clothes, blanket, pencils, erasers, etc).
  • More empathetic toward sister, cuddles her, helps her out, more patient with her
  • Asks for what she wants (used to get mad because she needed something but never verbalized or asked for it, just was frustrated)
  • Thinks before acting
  • Solves math problems in daily conversation without hesitating (grocery store, money)
  • I used to be instantly aware of when she was awake on Sat and Sun mornings. My 3 yr old and I always get up around 7:30/8 am and we have a couple of hours together before “T” wakes. I used to know instantly when she was awake because I would hear my 3 yr old cry (because T has started pestering her), or she would jump in her bed, start hollering and screaming for me, singing, kicking her feet, laughing loud, throwing things, etc. I would have to stop what I was doing to attend to her and get her started in an activity or go swimming. The atmosphere would instantly change when T awoke. Now, she wakes up, sits in the chair, and I sometimes don’t even know she is awake until I come in the living area and see her.

Here’s More:

  • Less uncontrollable laughing with swaying back and forth. Seems to be able to tolerate things without being over stimulated as easy.
  • No longer clapping for no reason
  • Plays games that take effort and strategy. Plays games that make her “think” (Monopoly, Yahtzee, school). She used to avoid any of these games because they were too “hard”
  • Sits in the car better for trips without being stimulated or “entertained”
  • Does art, better coloring, finishes her projects and cleans up with cues
  • Laundry assist and can hear the dryer/change clothes without being reminded, self-initiated
  • Does chores with less cues and sometimes without being told at all
  • Has conversations with Mom, mommy-daughter talks are easier, expresses her feelings, processes information and asks questions that are appropriate, just seems to “get it”
  • Improved relationships with family, able to visit Nanny more often, hangs out with my 19yr old sister and 14yr old brother that found it difficult to spend time with her
  • More eye contact when talking to her, seems less distracted
  • Overall more mature and can be trusted to make better decisions
  • Listens and can follow thru with directions (watches a video and produces the actions without assistance)
  • Enjoys music/headphones instead of them resulting in uncontrollable behaviors, music/headphones used to over stimulate her
  • Able to organize school supplies, check off the list and prepare for school
  • Overall there are less self-stimulating behaviors
  • No longer hits the top of the trash (flip top) can when she passes by it
  • Can be quiet and think before she acts or talks, just overall slower to act
  • Less emotional outbursts that seemed over dramatic for the situation
  • Happier and more confident with herself
  • Doesn’t walk/stomp as hard
  • Knows her right and left more consistently and without as much thought or “guessing”
  • Sits and works puzzles
  • Responds to directions with less cues (less touch, less eye contact needed, used to need direction by physically getting her etc)
  • Can come to my work and maintain appropriate boundaries with other people and the environment

Thank you for this amazing program!

Minds-in-Motion Can Impact Your Child Starting On Day One!

Learning Center ElkhartHeather Miller
Director, Growing Kids Learning Center
Elkhart, Indiana

Employing Minds-in-Motion Activities Can Have an Incredible Impact on Day One!

We were so blessed to have Candace Meyer train us again in June at the Early Childhood Minds-in-Motion training at United Way of Elkhart. We certainly appreciate the information and the educators I brought with me were totally “pumped” about everything they heard!

One of these teachers works with 3 year olds. She has one student who rocks himself continuously.

Overcome Autism SymptomsHe rocks back and forth really hard almost every time he’s not completely involved in something where he CAN’T rock. (He does not have other signs of autism.)

We expressed our concern to the parents, yet the pediatrician says he’s just fine.

This morning, this teacher set up some Minds-in-Motion activities right in the classroom. When the child arrived, she directed him to the balance boards and ribbons.

The child was enthralled with both and played on them for 30 minutes, much longer than he usually stays at any activity.

As a result, she noticed as the morning moved on that the child was not rocking. Not one time! HE COMPLETELY STOPPED!

After lunch and nap time, she had him repeat the same things, balancing on the boards and moving the ribbons from right to left across his body. He didn’t rock any more during the day.

I don’t know what the difference was, but I can tell you that this child usually rocks ALL the time! Tragically, his 11-month-old brother rocks all the time too!


As an administrator, it was exciting for me to see this teacher so excited about how just a few changes in her classroom changed the behavior of just one child in just one day.

United Way Elkhart IndianaThanks again for encouraging us!


Heather Miller
Director, Growing Kids Learning Center
Elkhart, Indiana

 Thank you to the United Way for Preparing this Great Program Overview – Check it out below!

I’ll start with a fabulous example…Last Friday, we staged a full…

I’ll start with a fabulous example…Last Friday, we staged a full blown lockdown and evacuation drill. Picture this: The entire school exiting the front doors and walking down the block to a local church, walking into the pews, taking their ID cards, and sitting quietly waiting for further directions. Each and every student walked single file, straight line, hands to themselves…no running, pushing ahead, falling, spinning, talking, etc…all the usual things you would expect to see with a mass exodus…well we, here at CCUS, turned to each other and stated a simple 3 word phrase (that has become a habit around here), “Minds in Motion!”

Truly, the town crime watch committee even commented on the incredible organization and self-control that each child displayed!!! WOW!! That would not have been the case 3 years ago!!!!

AND, we see stories like that every day…the number of discipline referrals to my office has dropped to nearly non-existent. If kiddos DO show up in my office…they usually have to take a MIM break…with me! Students have learned to take, ‘mind minutes’ for themselves.

The halls are filled with orderly skipping, dancing, moving in some way or another…and ways that students have themselves invented. We have added math facts, number counting (by 2’s, 3’s etc), ABC’s and any number of academic necessities to our movements (Minds-in-Motion Protocols).

This morning, we hosted a Cincinnati school to talk to them about our reading program…well, as usual; we credited Minds in Motion for the incredible amount of self-directedness that these folks observed in our students.

And, student engagement has soared since we implemented MIM…and we keep raising the bar with it!! It is serious business around here…no messing around with MIM…because we get serious RESULTS!!

In short, I would never lead another school without MIM! It fact, it would be the very first practice that I would put into place. It has changed the way we do business!!

– Maureen McDonough, Principal,
College Corner Union Elementary School

Teachers have commented that they have seen…

Teachers have commented that they have seen improved behavior, better coordination/balance and increased focusing ability. We believe these improvements are directly linked to the Minds-In-Motion program.
– Lori Hess
Sacred Heart Preschool

As a teacher of a kindergarten program for at-risk students…

As a teacher of a kindergarten program for at-risk students, Minds-in-Motion is an important part of my curriculum. It helps develop and strengthen my student’s coordination and large motor skills. I plan my labor intensive work after our Minds-in-Motion break, because I know the children will be focused and ready.
– Brianne Williams,
Mt. Comfort Elementary