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Eastern Kentucky University Puts Minds-in-Motion to the Test

We have the privilege to see first-hand the incredible impact of our program.

eku_signWhen a university puts Minds-in-Motion to the test with a research analysis – you can imagine our excitement!

We are fortunate for the rigorous outside study our program has enjoyed.  This analysis report documents again the significant improvements our program can ignite.

EKU LogoDr. Matthew Sabin, PhD, ATC, LAT, is the professor who most recently put Minds-in-Motion to the test.

Dr. Sabin is of the Balance & Life Research Laboratory – at the Dept of Exercise & Sport Science at the Eastern Kentucky University.

Sabin recently released the Data Analysis Report on Minds-in-Motion.

Pre- & post-test scores from forty-eight students from the Louisville center were analyzed.

Significant changes were noted in:

  • Auditory digit span
  • Binocular vision (eyes working together)
  • Reading scores
  • Sensory quotient
  • Rhythmic weight shift
  • Limits of stability (balance)

In nearly all cases, the average post-program measure was greater than the pre-program measure.

If you would like to review the outcomes of this research study, please CLICK HERE to check it out!


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