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Minds-In-Motion: Built by an Educator

Learning challengesThere seems no debating the current educational system in the United States is inherently “broken” – and needs to be “fixed”.

Unfortunately, the focus seems naturally drawn away from the child and towards the bureaucracy of the educational system.

At Minds-in-Motion, our approach is different.

We focus on building a better student by giving teachers and administrators proven tools they can use in their own classroom or school-wide to create real, lasting results.

The basis of our program began in the classroom – That is where Our Story begins.

Physiological Development and Cognitive Abilities
The link between early physiological development and more complex cognitive abilities is one of the bedrock beliefs of Minds-in-Motion. In fact, we have built a company around the notion that spurring physiological development in children leads to measurable gains academically, socially, behaviorally, and athletically.

As educators and parents, we know the ability to learn efficiently and effortlessly is one of the crucial foundations of success.

Success Requires Sensory, Motor & Neural-Development
A growing body of mainstream scientific research clearly points to the critical role that sensory/motor/neural development plays in the learning process.

Minds-in-MotionThis all-important neural development cannot be bolstered by a traditional desktop learning approach. It requires addressing a whole host of physiological issues through integrating movements.

The various exercises and protocols form the basis of the Minds-in-Motion “MAZE” – a simple, proven program that addresses the physiological needs of today’s 21st Century learners.

Over 45,000 Students Participate Daily – Minds-in-Motion Research-Validated School Programs

We take great pride in the impact our Minds-in-Motion program has had at the school level. Teachers and faculty in over 10 states have participated in our training program.

Just looking at schools in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky – we are proud to impact over 45,000 students on any given school day. For example, with the support of the United Way of Elkhart County in Indiana – 42 schools in that county alone have implemented our daily school protocols.

The following video was prepared by the United Way of Elkhart County in Indiana – Please check it out below!

The Minds-in-Motion Maze

Minds-in-Motion understands the importance of early intervention for academic achievement. Our program is easy to deploy in any setting, increasing academic achievement, and decreasing discipline issues.

Fifteen minutes a day of Minds-in-Motion can save hours of redirection and intervention.Our program allows your school’s initiatives to take off and shine.

CLICK HERE to see another example of a Maze in action!

Enroll in a Minds-in-Motion professional development today and experience our proprietary set of protocols, techniques, and technologies that are currently used in over 1200 classrooms in ten states and in two state-of-the-art private centers.

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Would you like to position your classroom or entire school to equip your students to learn with ease and success, and reach a higher potential?

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