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Our Story

From Educator to Researcher to Founder

Our Story is one of hope for a brighter future for children and their families.

 “His name was Evan, the same as my own son’s name. Only this Evan was not destined to be at the top of his class heading for a prestigious college like my son. This Evan couldn’t read and it broke my heart.

I was a reading specialist…had been one for more than 20 years by that time and all of the reading experience I had at the tips of my fingers could not work the needed magic to transform him into a reader. Yet this Evan was bright and athletic, too, just like my son. How could someone be smart, witty, and with it, but not be able to make the necessary connections to unlock the printed word? I ached to find out.” Candace Meyer, 1997

Candace Unlocked Answers to Why So Many Children Struggle. Here is her story.

Candace Meyer, Minds-in-Motion

Candace Meyer, Founder & CEO
Minds-in-Motion, Inc.

Candace Meyer, the founder of Minds-in-Motion, would follow her intellectual curiosity and take another 15 years of searching and researching to find answers.Graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Master’s endorsement in Corrective Reading from Indiana University, Meyer had worked her way through the educational world.

This journey includes being a classroom teacher, writing specialist, professional development trainer, reading specialist, Federal Program Coordinator, and founder of Reading Is Fundamental for the whole county.


Former students and their parents describe Meyer as a gifted, transformational teacher. She describes her contributions as “being in the right place at the right time” with enough experience to detect the changes in the students of today from students in the 60’s and 70’s.

boy-behind-wavy glassCommon Characteristics of the Struggling Child
Meyer had started noticing and documenting the following distinct similarities among struggling students.  Most all of these struggling students exhibited:

  • Poor balance
  • Lacking a sense of rhythm or timing
  • Incredibly poor eye-focusing ability and trouble following objects (visual tracking)
  • Continued struggle with basic motor skills, reading skills, and math skills
  • Lacking a dominant side of the body – being consistently right or left dominant has shown to be mentally more proficient (hand, eye, ear & foot)

Meyer’s years of experience as a respected educator had shown that providing extra reading and tutoring only marginally helped the struggling student. Furthermore this additional effort never reached the core of the problem.

Meyer’s above observations inspired her to conduct scientific research.


From Educator to Scientific Researcher
Minds-in-Motion NASA technologyAfter collaborating with doctors from California and Oregon to Canada and England, she began using a clinical device originally invented for NASA, called Computerized Platform Posturography (CPP). NASA used this CPP device to measure the prolonged effects of weightlessness on the brain, more specifically the inner-ear or vestibular (balance) functionality of astronauts. NASA saw how disruption of the inner-ear function impacted the lives of their astronauts upon return.

Minds-in-motion NASA technologyUnderstanding and measuring the level of inner-ear functionality with children – as NASA did with astronauts – was the first step in developing a revolutionary program to ignite young minds.

Meyer spent years traveling with this CPP device from school to school, state to state, measuring and quantifying the balance (inner-ear functionality) of children of all ages.


School-Based Program
The data led to the practical application of specified movements in hundreds of classrooms, which led to amazing results in schools.


CLICK HERE to see the Minds-in-Motion Maze in Action

Meyer’s program, which is now called the “MAZE,” blends developmental gymnastics, balance exercises, and complex movements through a rotating set of protocols. These activities, sometimes referred to as “yoga for the brain,” ranges from full-body exercises to isolated eye movements.

The comparative, clinical data of Meyer’s program shows that when students, of any age or race or socio-economic level, have opportunities to build strong neurological foundations by activating sensory-motor integration processes, they become positioned to learn with ease and success, and are able to reach a higher potential.

Over 45,000 Students Participate Daily – Minds-in-Motion School Programs

We take great pride in the impact our Minds-in-Motion program has had at the school level. Teachers and faculty in over 10 states have participated in our training program.

Just looking at schools in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky – we are proud to impact over 45,000 students on any given school day. For example, with the support of the United Way of Elkhart County in Indiana – 42 schools in that county alone have implemented our daily school protocols.

The following video was prepared by the United Way of Elkhart County in Indiana – Please check it out below!


Minds-in-Motion Learning Center
Meyer then immersed herself further in the science and research of transforming the brain. From the application of the science and research on the inner-ear and balance, she and her son developed private centers, Minds-in-Motion, Inc.,  where she performed exhaustive testing to fine-tune her program.

Meyer brought together:

  • Years of teaching reading experience
  • Personal research on brain functions
  • Seminars and collaborations with leading experts
  • Scientific data from NASA machines

ALL to create a comprehensive, advanced development program.

This revolutionary program is Minds-in-Motion and it integrates the brain and body, emphasizing the physiological link between learning and moving.


The Passion of Helping Children
Candace Meyer is extremely passionate about her program and she truly believes an end to the pervasive “learning dilemma” is in sight…through a do-able, relatively easy to implement, child-friendly, cost effective program that works miracles right before our eyes!”

MINDS-IN-MOTION unlocks potential and observes:

  • Straight A students that are no longer socially awkward
  • ADHD boys who no longer have to rely on medications to calm them down
  • Children who no longer struggle to read
  • Once frustrated students who love going to school for the first time!
  • Preschoolers who stop having “melt downs” every day
  • Autistic children who have “lost” their diagnostic label
  • Elementary students who start riding a bicycle for the first time in their lives
  • More joyful children because anxiety levels have measurably decreased


Minds-in-Motion Unlocks Potential.
These amazing results allow Minds-in-Motion to say with confidence that our program truly works. It unlocks potential. It changes lives – not temporarily – but for a lifetime!

We are here to help you and your family. Learn how to GET STARTED.




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