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Our research-validated program is designed to stimulate a child’s VISUAL processing, AUDITORY processing, as well as their MOTOR skills. The outcome is a better integrated and balanced child who will perform better in school and at home.

Our friendly and encouraging team – in conjunction with our patented unique and fun protocols, based upon NASA technology – bolster academic and social achievement. Our program helps ensure students are excited to return for their next session.

How it Works

Each Minds-in-Motion center is comprised of four quadrants (balance room, applied technology lab, computer lab, and developmental gymnasium) with a development specialist working with your child as they complete each protocol in a group setting.

  • Minds in Motion ProgramGYMNASIUM: Developmental gymnastics is taught in a fully-equipped private gymnasium which stimulates the brain’s ability to control the body in time and space.
  • APPLIED TECHNOLOGY LAB: Specialized equipment and several divergent therapies come together to enhance and challenge mental processing and maximize sensory/motor integration.
  • BALANCE ROOM: Activities are performed that challenge the mind’s abilities in the following areas: auditory discrimination, visual focus and eye-hand coordination.
  • COMPUTER LAB: Computer-based cognitive training is used to enhance sensory/motor integration.


Our model hinges on the importance of self-direction and the act of physically completing each challenge.

Our staff is trained to carefully monitor your child and give them a “gentle but consistent push to a higher level ” approach.

Not only is this challenge instrumental to your child’s success, it builds emotional maturity and higher processing abilities. Our program also encourages cooperation and problem solving skills.

Ratio of adults to children ranges from 1:3 up to 1:8 depending on the session and the age of the child.

We understand that each child is at varying levels of progression. If your child requires special assistance, they will rotate through the quadrants in a personalized one-on-one session.


Session Information

Recommended session durations are 10-weeks during the school year, meeting three times per week. Sessions are 1-hour or 2-hours depending on the age of the child.

Our 10-week session meets 3 times per week for 1-hour or 2-hours per session depending on the age of the child.

Our program cost ranges from $33 to $45 per hour.  Intensive Summer Session rates are slightly higher per hour.


See testimonials from our Minds-in-Motion parents who see the changes before their eyes:



Our Team

At Minds-in-Motion your child’s success is our passion and priority. You can be assured that our development specialists and program directors are certified and college-educated.

Some of our employees are teachers in the area, as well as certified gymnasts. In addition, each of our specialists is extensively trained in the Minds-in-Motion program protocols and equipment.

Our consistent results allow Minds-in-Motion to say with confidence that our program truly works. It unlocks potential. It changes lives – not temporarily – but for a lifetime!
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