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Attending a Parent Information Session is also a great way to tour our facility, meet our staff and learn first hand about the power of our program.

Minds in Motion Assessment


Evaluation is critical to understanding. Our Minds-in-Motion specialists, and you as a parent, need to fully understand the sensory and motor function deficits and opportunities that exist in your child.

Through this assessment of your child, we come to know how their results translate into their behaviors and frustrations. Our comprehensive assessments will provide insights into both your child’s abilities and limitations.

Please plan on assessments taking approximately 2-hours.


We look specifically at SENSORY processing skills, both auditory and visual, as well as the SENSORY inputs for balance. We want to know how your child’s brain is TAKING IN INFORMATION. Each sensory input is crucial as your child interacts with the world around them.


We measure MOTOR skills to determine your child’s coordination. How well a child can manage their body movement speaks volumes about brain function.

We are specifically interested in your child’s degree of bi-lateral coordination, functional balance scores, agility, and actual stability of their body. All of this provides critical insight into how well a student’s brain is RELAYING INFORMATION to the rest of their body.


We have specific tests which scientifically show how INTEGRATED your child is in terms of the above sensory-motor processing.

We often find students’ sensory systems are not well organized with their motor systems. The result is that the child’s brain is not effectively taking in or processing the information around them – and then their bodies are not able to react or perform skillfully.

This brain INTEGRATION dramatically affects how well a student is PROCESSING INFORMATION in everyday situations, such as academics, social awareness, sports abilities, and recurring behaviors.


Minds in Motion Analyze

Minds-in-Motion specialists will immediately go over and analyze the test results with you one-on-one to show you the puzzle of your child!

Amazing hope can come from understanding first why your child has their challenges and struggles. We will answer the WHY for your child.


The measurements of sensory processing provided by our diagnostic equipment developed for NASA will ensure parents receive a scientific explanation and documentation of how well their child’s brain is functioning. By analyzing all test results side-by-side, you will better understand how your child’s brain-body integration. This information will also give key insight into their visual and auditory processing – or how well your child’s brain takes in information.


The Minds-in-Motion specialists will explain how a student’s motor abilities, especially coordination, are critically tied into their space and time awareness, social abilities, frustration levels, and stability.  Test results will be analyzed to demonstrate the level of motor planning and to determine how well your child’s brain is relaying information to the body as a whole.


Minds-in-Motion will provide parents with their child’s IQ – Integration Quotient™ which is the percentage of the Balance + Visual + Auditory scores from this testing. This information will help parents understand how “put together” their child is in terms of sensory and motor integration. The higher their IQ (Integration Quotient™) is, the more integrated the child is, and ultimately the higher the level of brain processing.


Apply Minds in Motions

Minds-in-Motion specialists will implement a plan specifically designed for your child based on the careful assessment and analysis of your child’s needs. Our goal is for parents to fully understand the challenges and opportunities their child faces AND understand how Minds-in-Motion can make incredible improvements happen.



Minds-in-Motion specialists will create the appropriate implementation plan for your child to develop a higher level of sensory processing for the brain. As the brain’s ability to process information is strengthened, a child’s visual skills – eye tracking, focusing, and depth perception – improve along with their ability to process what they hear.


After motor skill proficiency is determined by Minds-in-Motion testing, motor coordination techniques can be applied individually for each student. The brain and body are fine-tuned with Minds-in-Motion techniques. We work with the whole child not just focusing on the weaker hemisphere, and overall coordination improves.


As whole-body and mind activities are applied, the body and brain hemispheres become more balanced and abilities improve. Wonderful, life-changing things happen as as the motor and sensory systems integrate more fully.

Because your child’s brain processing abilities are enhanced so is their potential. Your child’s confident improves, anxiety is reduced and awareness that so much more is now possible.

As one becomes more integrated, schoolwork becomes easier to manage, frustrations lessen, organizational skills develop more proficiently, and one’s potential for achieving at a higher level is increased.

Our greatest joy is to see your child recognize their potential for anything in life…..learning, sports, and communication.


Minds in Motion, Get help for your childHOW TO GET STARTED

Contact our Minds-in-Motion Specialists to schedule an assessment by phone

502 384 3866 – Louisville, Kentucky Center


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