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Recent Visits Spreading the Minds-in-Motions Insights

visual-sensory-processingPurdue North Central ~Early Childhood Conference

Purdue University North Central in Michigan City showcased Minds-in-Motion with Candace Meyer presenting the keynote address at their 9th annual Early Childhood Conference.

A big thank you to Chancellor James Dworkin and Dr. Mary Jane Eisenhauer for the invitation and the introduction of MiM to their dynamic Early Learning Program and hundreds of attendees!


Ivy Tech Valparaiso

What a beautiful campus at Ivy Tech Valparaiso! Minds-in-Motion was up in the northwest corner of Indiana (in the Chicago-land area) recently.


United Way of LaPorte

United Way of LaPorte hosted Candace Meyer for more training in Minds-in-Motion Maze protocols for interested teachers in several surrounding school districts. Thank you to Kim Olesker, the United Way director for the Northwest counties of Indiana, for supporting Minds-in-Motion by presenting grants to 15 lucky schools to help develop a Minds-in-Motion Maze in each!


Western Illinois University ~ Ready to Learn Early Childhood Conference

Minds-in-Motion had a delightful weekend recently presenting at the Ready to Learn Early Childhood Conference at the Quad Cities campus of Western Illinois University serving Iowa and Illinois on the banks of the Mississippi River! A special thank you to Mary Pruess, general manager of WQPT, PBS TV station (originally from the Chicago area PBS station) for inviting Candace to speak & introduce the Quad City schools to Minds-in-Motion.

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