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Mind Maze Handbook for Middle School and High School Students

Minds Maze Handbook Cover
Minds Maze Handbook Cover

The MIND MAZE Handbook for Middle School and High School Students

We are proud to announce the Mind Maze Handbook for upper grades is now available!

This program is also great for adults!



This 66-page detailed Handbook is a must for schools and homes implementing the Minds-in-Motion Maze to Middle School and High School students.


Building on the original Minds-in-Motion Maze, this handbook kicks it up with much more intensity through more complex skills and endurance building activities.

This 36-week curriculum has been field-tested with powerful results ~ Results presented on the floor of the Indiana Senate Chambers in spring of 2016!

Here are some page examples:

Mind Maze 2

Mind Maze 1

All the facets of our book translate into a guide to unlocking potential and changing lives – not temporarily – but for a lifetime!

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Minds-in-Motion also offers training seminars to ensure you get the most from this program.



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Price: $32.95
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